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Hey guys i am back here with a new loot…actually not a loot its a trick by which we can earn and earn depends on you ..how much you are devoted to this.Its a little bit longer but money making is sure.Since it need no verification you can earn how much you want.



Best part of this loot is you can trasfer money to your bank funds or redeem it via gift cards.

So cheer up and start..

You need 2 different phones or even you can use Bluestack in pc for making tweaks and have a brain.

So lets begin..

1- In the first phone download a app call Champcash app from here

2-Enter the original email id,number here.Since payment will be done here only.

3-If it ask for sponsor id then put 287227 to activate ,this will give you 1$ to your wallet.

4-After Downloading and installing what all you need to do is to just complete a  simple challange.
you have to download a minimum of 8 app.

5- During the download of  the each app…you have to surf that app for at least 2 min
the timer will run over your app.when the timer is complete then its done you can exit over that.

6- Only when you  have downloaded and and followed the above procedure for each app
then your referral link will be unlocked.

7-You will then be eligible for share.

8-Share it with you friend  and get payment.

how to loot unlimited:-  Here comes the main tricky part:-

1-Don’t logout from the first device you logged in.

1-Share it to the referral link to the other mobile.

3-Follow the above procedure from 1-10.  here you can enter any fake detail since no verification.

4-After all the procedure you will see you payouts in your first device.

5-Uninstall Champcash app and all other apps downloads through Champcash.

6-Change devive id,imei etc.


Follow the same procedure again and again and you will see your payouts are increasing in your first account.

 Having less data …Here is a popular trick of all the time:-

1- Make a backup of all the app you downloaded via that  Champcash.

2-When you are installing app via play store cancel it when it is done around 4 or 5%..

3-Install the particular app from the apk file you backuped already.

4-Now surf the app for some time…complete..

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