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How to Delete files Forever and Make them Unrecoverable in Android

Yesterday i posted about recovering deleted files from Android (Read Full Post here) phone and some of you asked me how to make those files unrecoverable. So i will take you through the steps to make them Unrecoverable.

Here’s What you need

1. Es file Explorer (Get it from Here)
2. File you want to Delete


1. Open Es Explorer and Go to the file you want to delete
2. Select the file
3. In Es Explorer’s File menu option select ‘Encrypt’

4. Enter Passwords in the window (Use long and Complicated passwords to narrow down the possibility) and Encrypt

5. Now you will see a new file appear in the window – That is your encrypted file (You can decrypt it from the menu by entering the Password)
6. Delete the File and it is Gone for ever


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