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WhatsApp is one of the primary mode of communication between people now a days, Its safe and secure. We can send and receive videos, Images, Text and Docs. We always wanted to send more files. Today I will show you a trick to send any files through WhatsApp.
# Send any file like zip, rar, apk etc
# Size limit is 100 MB
We are going to exploit the document sending facility of WhatsApp here. Its done as follows

1. Get the file you want to send

2. Compress it into a Zip – Helps Faster Transmission and Less chance of losing data (Optional)

3. Rename the file and change its extension to doc format ( .doc )

4. Send file through WhatsApp successfully

How to convert to original form
You should know the original file format to do this, you can know this from the sender.
1. Get the file
Go to WhatsApp Folder > Media > WhatsApp Documents
2. Rename File extension to it’s original – We recommend everyone to use Zip format as its better in all ways
3. Extract file (If zip)

4. Use the file

Done. Enjoy

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