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How To Use WhatsApp Free without paying any Charges?
Today I’m going to tell you that How to make WhatsApp Free For lifetime.
Steps Required To Use WhatsApp For Free :-
1.Clear data of WhatsApp (First backup messages if you want them again – go to settings ->chat settings ->chat backup )
2.Create a new account in WhatsApp with new Number that you haven’t used in WhatsApp before
3.Click Done. A verification code is send by WhatsApp on your new number. Your WhatsApp service on new number would be activates for 1 year.
4. Open Whatsapp — Settings– Account.
5. Click on “Change number” — Next.
3.Enter your New number that is currently you are using now. In the new number field, Add your old number (your original whatsapp number)
4. Click Done. & Do same procedure after one year
Finally goto Settings — Payment info and check expiry date of your Whatsapp account.
Enjoy 🙂

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