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Guys ,
After so many upgrading and downgrading you might have lost your imei or getting invalid imei error and nvram wifi error .
This is for
***Micromax Unite 2 A106 only***
I wont be held responsible if you brick your phone.
if you brick your phone use this on Lollipop Firmware.
It worked for me hope it does the trick for you. 😉
What you need
1.Micromax Unite 2
3.SP flashtool
4.Scatter file (Get it from here)
5.NVRAM.bin (Get it from here)
Place Scatter file and nvram in same folder
Not lets start
1.Open sp flash tool
2.Load Scatter downloaded
NVRAM file will be loaded automatically(If not load it)
3.Select download from dropdown menu
4.now press download and connect your phone without battery
wait will a green tick appear
after that reboot your device 🙂


  1. Avatar
    mcmonkeys1 says:

    Eh, surely *your* IMEI number will be restored to any phone that this gets flashed to.

    This is useful if your nvram gets corrupted and you do not have backup. You can flash this one, then can put own IMEI using one of the many tools, e.g. Mobile Uncle Tools, MTK Engineering Mode, etc.

    Your IMEI number is distinct to your phone and SIM slot. It can be used to disable your phone in the event of theft -a lengthy process involving a police report and your phone service provider. It can also be used to track your phone -only people with access to inner workings of telecom networks can do this, for example, government agencies.

    I am sure certain networks might kick you off if they find duplicate IMEIs as well.

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    nikhil valse says:

    guys edit the scatter file which came with stock rom folder u extracted or the re-partition scatter file don't download this scatter file given above and then find nvram word in it. After nvram there is "is_download: false "change this to true then in sp flash tool select scatter file you edited and deselect all other rom files, now in the files list after end address in the nvram row, there is open space double click on that, then select nvram.bin file u downloaded from above in that row. now there is file name appeared after end address column now flash with download only option selected then download button then remove battery then connect phone and done

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