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Slonkit is a prepaid card powered by VISA and DCB Bank as mentioned earlier, It works just like a debit card and is linked to the Slonkit mobile app using which parents can transfer money to kids (youngsters aged 10 and above) The app enables parents to guide their children in their money habits, set budgets for them, help them evaluate their own expenditures and most importantly teach them how to save.

Features of Slonkit:

•Get a Vcc for free.

•Get cash back offers from various portals like paytm,pizza hut etc

•Use it to recharge your phone

•Refer and Earn.

You have to pay ₹200 normally but we will show you a way where you can get it for free

Just follow the steps below

Steps :-

1.Download Slonkit from here

2.Copy the following code


You can use this code if you want ₹100 when your credit card gets activated. Absolutely Free. If you don’t want ₹100,you can skip it

3.Open Slonkit and Register
After that you will see a pic like below

4.Now click on get card option.

5.It will ask you to enter address details where you want your card to be delivered.

6.On the next page it will ask you to add money.

7.The trick is here.Dont add any money simply click on pay later.

Note: It may not instantly work.It may give messages like Unable to process try again or connection error.
•If you get such error go back and logout.
•Login after a few minutes and try again.Remember you have to click on Pay Later.If it still doesn’t work go back and logout and login again.Try this couple of times.
•Even then if you are unsuccessful try logging in in a different phone it should totally work.

Now you will receive an SMS saying that you will receive your card in 2 days ツ

After 2 days activate your card and get ₹100 for free if you have used Referral code from above

Now you can use that money to purchase from Play store or anywhere else for free

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