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Hike is a messenger an chat application for android ,iOS,windows phone etc. and is very Famous in youngster. You Get Free Rs 10 when you join Hike. Hike is Running a Referral Programme in which You get Rs 20 for each friend you refer to join Hike. Don’t Worry you nod need to tell them to download Hike. This can be get very Easily
Where the Trick begins…..
All of us will happy if we get some money every day for free in our phone so let’s start to earn something.
Follow this steps strictly
basic steps are common to android and windows phone .for iOS and Blackberry just look at the end section.
before beginning the trick download hike messenger and install it with your number.
Step 1: go to settings and select mobile network what ever the network enable proxy and select a
the server address as   and port Address as 8080
Note:check in your browser does it go to hike.in
Step 2: Using a file manager create  files  “contacts.xml”,”contact_true.xml”,”connect_neg.xml” in SD card
Basic Steps Over .
Android phones
  open your hike and select invite friends through free sms .minimze it suddenly and open “contacts.xml” and edit it to just like this
  server status:true
  Account ip :
  client :https://www.hike.in
  Contat:100 syn:1 fail:0
Save it
Now Open “contact_true.xml”
and type
 Add :16DC6D51C16SC
Add :1SC1SC4D45QW1
Add :N61HN1H8J2WD1
 save it.
 Now Back to hike and check for rewards and close it
Now open “connect_neg.xml”
 and type
 Add :16DC6D51C16SC[True] Add :1SC1SC4D45QW1[True] Add :N61HN1H8J2WD1[True] </>”
Now   Add three new contacts to the phone exactly named  “16DC6D51C16SC” “1SC1SC4D45QW1” and “N61HN1H8J2WD1” with any number .
Now open Again Hike And sync your Contacts And Invite Friends .Close it And open again And check for rewards you get  60+10 in Your account .
Plz Share this only after you get the money if you have any questions ask in comment section 
Windows Phone
Download  Hike Cracked  From Download Section
Thanks to cybroze for this trick

I hope it works ��

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