Holo Themer Premium Free Download

Holo Themer Premium Free Download
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Holo Themer lets you force any app to use:

Holo Dark
Holo Light
Holo Light with dark Actionbar
Holo Dark with no Actionbar
Holo Light with no Actionbar
Wallpaper with no Titlebar
Pure black
Pure black – no actionbar
Device Default
Device Default – Light
This is the premium version and allows you to
also make your own themes (choose background
colour, text colour etc)
This will only work on apps that already use a
Holo theme of some kind (which is most apps,
and practically no games)
Even then, some apps will mess up a bit
The new Add-on store lets you download
additional xposed mods which work with this one

EG: the Settings_light addon makes the icons
down the left of the settings app black, to use
with Holo Light

 Click here to download 


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