How to do SQL injection through android.

How to do SQL injection through android.
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Hi guys Now presenting you one of the greatest app for doing sql injection.

I hope you know the basics of what sql is,about website database,Dorks.

If you don’t know then here i am telling you in a very easy manner:

Sql:- Sql stands for Structured Query Language.It is used for store of different database in a systematic manner i.e in a tabular form.

Web database:- All the back-hand database like image files,audio, are stored in the structed form that maximum time it is sql.

SQL injection is a technique where malicious users can inject SQL commands into an SQL statement, via web page input.

Injected SQL commands can alter SQL statement and compromise the security of a web application.

In Pc usually it is done via a application Havij .Now i am posting a android app to perform the operation that is done DroidSqli

Providing you some of my screen-shots:-

Enjoy 🙂 


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