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Pokémon GO was Released a few days back and the whole world has gone crazy about it. The game is based on Augmented Reality. That is you will be able to see characters in real time. One thing you have to notice that there has been so many accidents while playing the game. One guy ran into a police station and got himself arrested.
Anyway. Let’s get to the matter.
Pokémon Go was released for a few countries like UK, USA etc. And the developers have decided to halt the Global release of the game.
Here ‘s what you need 
  • Good Battery (I was actually carrying around a Powerbank in my pocket while trying to catch Pokémons)
  • Good Internet connection (There isn’t much data used by app, But still a good data connection is recommended or you will get GPS sync error) – 2G is Alright
  • You need the Game apk ( Click here to Download) – 58 MB

What’s new in latest version? 

– Seems to now be working on devices running Android Nougat.
– Also now working on devices with x86 Intel processors, like the ZenFone family.
– Unsure what else.

Details :
Version: 0.29.2 (2016071201)
Package: com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
58.06 MB (60,876,068 bytes)
Min: Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Target: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
So, Let’s start
Download, Install and Open the app. You will have to complete the initial setup like Signing Up and making your Avatar
Professor will help you to catch your First one and then You are on your on. Walk around to move your character in the map. Occasionally, you will find some Pokémons in the map

  • Need Pikachu from the beginning? When professor asks you to select one of the three Pokémon ignore him and walk away from those Pokémons. As you walk away they will appear again and again. Ignore them 4 times and you will see Pikachu along with other Pokémons in the map. Click on Pikachu and its yours!
  • Use Nearby tab (Bottom Right) to see if there is any Pokémon near by. If it is a Pokémon that you don’t have, you will see a shadow if the Pokémon. You can also see footsteps under Pokémon.
  1. 3 footsteps – in 30 foot range
  2. 2 footsteps –  in 20 foot range
  3. 1 footstep – in 10 foot range
  • When you try to catch a Pokémon,Try to click on it while pointing you phone camera to a wall. By doing this, you will get better aim at the Pokémon and you won’t lose much pokeballs.
  • Knowing what you have i your backpack is very important. By clicking on the Pokeball in map, you can see more options such as inventory, shop, Pokémon details, Pokémon you caught etc.
  • Look out for Green leaves Pop up in the map. There is a high chance of finding Pokémon there.
  • There is something called Incense in your inventory. It helps you to draw Pokémon to you. Choose it wisely
  • Restart the game Occasionally to find more Pokémon
  • If you have a Bike or something go out for a while and open app to find nearby Pokémon


More Tips and Hacks coming soon as I develop in the game







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