How To Play PUBG Mobile on Your PC – Easy Tutorial
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Players Unknown Battle Grounds or PUBG for shot is one of the most popular Online Multiplayer game in PC and Android alike. Even though is is in high competition with Fortnite, PUBG is keeping up because if its similarity to the real world ( No we don’t randomly jump from an airplane and kill some Random people in the real world. And that is not what i meant – The graphics ) . So in this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the steps so that you can play PUBG Mobile in PC! – PUBG in Memu

First things first, Here are the stuff that you need to get started,

  • Stable internet connection
  • At least 2 GB data
  • A PC with average Specs
  • Download Memu Emulator
Download Memu emulator

Whats new in Memu 5.6.1

  • Add support to custom Macro in key-mapping
  • Add support to drag&drop to copy file from Windows to Android
  • Improve the user experience of operation synchronizer
  • Improve the user experience of shared folder
  • Fix the issue of mouse wheel malfunction when display FPS
  • Fixed the issue of some keys in keypad malfunction when key-mapping
  • Fix some tiny bugs

Once you have all the required components, Lets get started

Step 1 : Installing the emulator

Download and Install Memu emulator on your PC. I recommend you to install Android 5.0 , It is more stable and has low number of bugs. Lollipop will be already installed as its the default image in Memu. After the installation, Open memu (First launch takes time) and you will see a phone like window. On the right sidebar, you will see a gear icon (Settings). Open settings and set the power you want for you emulator. (Higher the power, faster the emulator) save the settings that suits you and restart

Step 2 : Installing PUBG Mobile

You can install PUBG on Memu the same way that you do it in your phone. Open playstore, Search for PUBG, Download and Install. Thats it.

Graphics settings

Step 3 : Setting up the Graphics

when you start PUBG on Memu, on the bottom-right side, You will see the resolution that you are playing. Change it to your liking and restart the emulator.

Step 4 : Playing The game

In Memu emulator each touch you make can be done with your keyboard  for example M for Map

The detailed Key Mapping is as follows

` ~ (the key under Esc)Turn mouse On/Off
FPickup/Open/Close/Get in/Get out/Parachute/Cancel
W/A/S/DMovement Keys- Forward/Left/Backward/Right
Left MouseShoot
Right MouseScope/Aim
Space KeyJump/Vault/Up
CCrouch/Down/Switch seats
AltFree Look
Q/ELean Left/Right
1/2/3Equip Primary/Secondary/Pistol
4/5/6Grenade/Smoke/Molotov (stun)
7/8/9/0Med Kit/First Aid Kit/Bandage/Energy Drink (Painkiller)
BFire Mode Toggle
VFirst/Third Person Toggle

Enjoy the Game 🙂

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