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Millions of people use WhatsApp daily . But most of us don’t know much about WhatsApp Bots and how to use them. Today I will show how to use them and make the most out of them.


Benefits of WhatsApp Bots 

  • You can get information faster
  • You can you WhatsApp Bots to get information from Wikipedia
  • You can use WhatsApp Bots to get News
  • You can use WhatsApp Bots to get Sports news like cricket and football .
  • You can also use it to get Hollywood and Bollywood news.
  • WhatsApp Bots also provide Religious News and quotes
  • You can use WhatsApp Bots to search online
  • Bots can be used as a Dictionary and a Translator

How to use WhatsApp Bots – Steps 

  1. Add these Numbers +919043009718, +919043009723 to your contacts
  2. Add these to Existing groups or create a new group with them
  3. Now Bots are ready to be used

Here are the list of Keywords that you can use 

India news : type +news

Football : type +football

Cricket : type +cricket

Hollywood : type +hollywood

Bollywood : type +bollywood

Subscribe to devotional content :








Searching the web : Type search SEARCHTERM

Translate : Type translate WORD

Wikipedia : Type Wiki TERM

Dictionary : Type Dict WORD

To Unsubscribe Replace + with – and send 

Example : -cricket to Unsubscribe from cricket updates

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