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If you know what’s Kali, You would definitely want to do this. Kali is one of Linux distributions that is mainly used for Hacking 🙂
What You need :
#Rooted Android
#Busybox Installed(Recommended)
#Linux Deploy Apk (You can get it from playstore)
#VNC Viewer(You can get it from playstore)
#High Speed Internet (There is a lot to download)
#8 GB memory card space
#Noobs Stay Away <Danger Zone> 😉
Steps :
1.Install Linux Deploy and open it.There you will see a Download button ⬇ Click on it > Select Kali Linux as Distribution and Press install.
(You may want to grab a cup of coffee ☕.Maybe more, Depends on speed. Excited?)
2.After downloading open VNC viewer and Press on Add (+) Button. In address type ‘localhost’ (without quotes ) and in name, Type ‘Kali’  and CONNECT.

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