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All of us buy a new smartphone and after a few days or months, we will notice that our battery backup is not the way it used to be when we bought the phone. Battery Backup is an important part of any smartphone . Low battery backup may not be the battery’s problem always. it can also be a software issue. A battery calibration may solve this.

Here are some common battery tweaks that can improve your battery backup.


1. Always charge when percentage reach to 20% .
2. Switch off and recharge to 100% for faster charging
3. Turn off location, use only when using maps
4. Turn off wifi scanning always in WiFi advance settings
5. Turn off automatic brightness
6. Set memory optimisation to high from middle from additional settings- developer options
7. Turn off all windows animation scales in developer options
8. Turn on force gpu rendering
9. Turn on force 4xMSAA in developer options
10. Turn on Disable HW overlays in developer options
11. Use black themes
12. Use low brightness inside building

Battery calibration

Bad battery backup can be caused by uncalibrated battery. This Is a common issue. My battery backup was restored to its original battery backup many times. I recommend everyone to try this .
Battery Calibration basically clears your batterystatus restoring it with a new file. You can do this manually or by using an app. Both this methods require ROOT access. But there is another way to do this without root.


1. Download this app from Playstore
2. Charge your phone till 100% (Recommended)
3. Press Start calibration and Plug out your charger.


1. Navigate to /data/system
2. Delete Batterystats.bin File

NON ROOT METHOD -Forced Calibration

1. Let your battery reach 0% and force shut down.
2. Now restart it again and again (3-7 times)
3. Basically we are trying to drain your battery.
4. Then Charge it 100% and start using

You will feel the difference in Battery backup after these tweaks


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