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Finally its here – Mod for mini militia.
We made the best hacks for your Android phone and now i am bringing this latest moded mini militia app.Experience intense multiplayer combat with up to 6 players online or 12 using local wi-fi. Train with the Sarge and sharpen your skills in offline Training, Co-op and Survival modes. Shoot a multitude of weapon types including the sniper, shotgun and flamethrower.

Features explosive online and local multiplayer warfare! Intuitive dual stick shooting controls. Open world maps utilizing rocket boots for extended vertical flight. Zoom control, melee attacks and dual wield ability with modern and futuristic heavy duty weapons and grenades. Play team based battles in this fun cartoon themed cross between Soldat and Halo

Purchase the Pro Player Pack to get full access to dual wield ability, extra avatar customization items and online weapons such as the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gun and more!

What’s New

v.2.2.52 Release Notes
-Enhance WiFI/LAN game setup controls (like seen in custom games)
-Fix bluetooth incompatibility versions bug
-Add ban DURING gameplay option to host controls for custom games
-Fix for 4.0.x “double tap” bug
-Added parts to store Cricket shirt (India), pants
-Added cricket helmet to store mask pack
-Added martial art warrior avatar


# Works with Non Root Devices

# Pro Pack unlocked by default

# Works online

# App version is 2.2.27

# All store items unlocked

# All costumes Unlocked

# Bloody Font

# Ammo Font color changed from White to Red

# Removed background credit text
# Removed unnecessary mods


MOD 1 – Click here to download Apk



58 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Mini Militia MOD Apk – No Root Required v 2.2.52

  1. Avatar
    TeRRorS says:

    I installed and everything works fine as said.. But Droidpirates watermark is there… But I managed it myself to remove that. Now Its fully unlocked and Lets go yeah….

  2. Avatar
    MANU PATEL says:

    When i use mod 1 its install its install sucessfully but when i open it it could not open then i use mod n 2 its says app not installed……….
    Please sooul it sir

  3. Avatar
    beidawng36 says:

    Whoa….patch to android!!! This is madness,i did exactly mentioned and so many ads jus pop up even if i'm not in the game. So i had to factory reset my phone to reverse the process..now, i have to install the original game. I think its better than all those video ads..
    Anyway..gud try droidpirates
    And thanks for your hard work cos the mod apk runs fine on my sister phone without patching and i usually play with it.
    Keep up the gud work admin.

  4. Avatar
    dsd says:

    Seems like people are mad. Lol
    Here's how we mod.

    We use APK studio, notepad++, Dex Manager, 7zip, Picsart, and Pic say.

    We try to make this game as good as possible. That's why i don't use unlimited things. I mean what's the fun with that! Kill or get killed. We try to add our own things to make our mod stand out.
    For your information, Android is open source. That is anyone can edit and modify it.

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