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Many of you might have a cool feature of Lollipop 5.1,Its MultiUser support.
What if Non-Lollipop users could get this feature?
Oh.Yes now you can
*Android (JB recommend)
*Rooted Phone
*ES explorer or any other root explorer
1.Open Es and navigate to root of your phone
Goto /system/buildprop
2.now go to the end of the build prop file and press menu-edit
And paste the following code in the end
#Multiuser support
3.Press back and save file
4.Now restart your phone
5.After rebooting you will see a new section named ‘Users’
6.Now you can add and remove users.(phone might reboot itself while using Users section-its normal)
7.Reboot after making changes(recommend)
8.To Switch between users You must enable Autorotation  and go to lockscreen(turn screen off and then turn on) in landscape mode
Voilà! Now you can see the users and switch between them.
Enjoy 🙂

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