Permanent Black Screen Fix for Pokemon Go on Android
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We all know that Pokemon go is trying to keep all spoofers out. At first it introduced Shadowban then they introduced Safetynet of google which was a big boulder in front of us spoofers. but eventually we found a way with Magisk as we have explained it here . Now we have a new challenge to face. The black Screen


Reason For Blackscreen in Pokemon Go : Pokemon go gets permission to view installed apps on user’s device. Earlier on android we were able to remove that permission from android and make a moded apk. but unfortunately its no longer possible. So when pokemon go see an app that can spoof GPS, it shows the black screen with red text , Something serious!

We were able to change package names and now they are not that effective.

So , After a lot research and testing i found  a way to bypass it all, This Trick is EXCLUSIVE to


Here’s What you need

  • Secondspace/Securezone/Dual Apps something like that. Something that Some custom UI that phone manufacturers provide . In MIUI there is Dual Apps; In Lenovo there is Securezone. Im using Lenovo P2. and No this trick Wont work with Parallel Space like apps. No other usres, I have tested that too.
  • You may install MIUI custom rom if your phone doesn’t have the above specifications
  • Magisk Manager Installed in Both Spaces . If You are not rooted and can Bypass safetynet, you may skip this


Here Is How its Done

  • Open Securezone/ Dualapps and add Magisk and Pokemon Go in it
  • In that Zone, Open Magisk and see if it bypasses Safetynet
  • Open your Default zone and Set your GPS spoofing app and set coorinates
  • While its running, open Pokemon Go in your Second Zone and it wont show the Black Screen anymore!


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