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Recently we posted a detailed guide for Pokémon GO with some tricks. You can find that post here.
Today I will show you another trick which can be used to get Unlimited Pokemons without stepping out of your Home.


* Anti Ban
* Unlimited Pokeballs
* Unlimited Pokémon
* Unlimited Fun
* Play in any Country

For this, you need the following

* Pokemon Go Latest Apk (Get it from Here)
* Working Xposed
* Rooted Android
* Hide Mock Locations
Download it from here :

   Download Apk

* Pokemon Go Joystick 

Download it from Here :

   Download Apk

* New Google Account

Steps to Follow

1. Download and Install the apps

2. Go to Xposed and Enable modules of apps

3. Go to Developer Options and enable Mock Locations

4. Now Reboot Phone

5. After Reboot, Open Hide Mock Locations and Add Pokemon Go to the List

6. Open Pokemon Go Joystick and Select the locations – I used New York – like Paris, Washington etc.


7. Now start Joystick

8. Go to Settings – Location – and select accuracy as GPS Only

9. Open Pokemon Go and Sign up with new Google account (Or Unused one)

10. Now you will spawn at the location you selected. Use the Joystick to move around

11. After you have done playing stop Joystick

Happy Hunting!

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