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The description of Touch Lock – Toddler Lock

Over 168 countries trusted app Touch Lock – Touch Blocker (Kids Lock) and over 450,000 downloads . Easy to lock screen or disable screen or app while watching video or let your Kids stay within the app such as watch a video onYoutubeStorybook or Photo.

★100% block physical and soft keys
  (home, back button, recent-app button,
  and menu button)
★Over 168 countries download.
★4.5-star rating than other Touch Blocker
   tools on Google Play.
★Kids android tools app which protects
   screen from babies touching.
★Compatible with both phone and tablet.
★Use your tablet as a drawing pad.
★Quick-lock lock your screen with a tap.
★Lock volume.
★Fast & Simple : The most easy and
   simplest way to use on the planet.
★One click to enable or disable : Learning
   free and toggle in a second.
★Lets you quickly play your YouTube
   history and favorite videos.
★This is the No.1 app in Google Play that
   can block HOME, BACK, and RECENT
   LIST buttons, as well as screen touches
   while playing movie or music. Similar to
   Guided Access with more options.

Features of Touch Lock

The first Android app can help you prevent your video (YouTube) and storybook from kid’s scrape. Kidscrape is your *MUST HAVE* Android app which do care your experience when you’re exploring by mobile device.

► Turn off my touch screen while my baby
   is playing with my phone on a game.
► Protect your mobile data when kids are
   using your Android phone&tablet.
► Keep your kids more concentrate on the
► See a movie without interruption.

► Support locks all physical buttons
  includingHOME,RECENTS,BACK,MENU   buttons

Must to enable new permission and don’t worry we never read about personal information , such as observe text you type .(we’re promised!)

►How to lock screen or disable screen
while watching youtube?

how to stop kids accidentally turning off

Step1. Choose your video and playing.

Step2. Drop-down the notification and tap the Touch Lock icon.

Step3. Ya, It’s enable now !!!

How to lock screen while watching

Step1. Select the video you wish to play, and stay at the video detail page.

Step2. Don’t play the video yet! enable touch lock from notification centre first.

Step3. Wait until timer count down to “1”, then press “play”.

►How about a Video Locker(Child Video Screen Locker)?
Sometime you want to watch video
without pausing video such as Netflix or YouTube and you can one step to keep touchscreen disabled

►Other information
The power button can’t be blocked.

Mi Phone/Pad (Xiaomi)

Step1. please go to settings and tap the Installed apps .

Step2. find the Touch Lock app and enable the “turn on floating windows” , now you can see the Touch Lock notification on your mi pad

                  [DOWNLOAD TOUCH LOCK]-4MB 

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