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What you need

#Rooted Phone
#Titanium Backup Pro ( Get It Here For Free! )
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So lets start.

1.Open  Titanium Backup Pro

2.On the first window(Overview) You will see an Option Active Data Profile.Click on it.

3.Create 2 New Profiles,Name them 1,2 Respectively for easy access

4.Activate the 1 st Profile by clicking on it

Data Profiles
5.Go to the Second Tab (Backup/Restore) and find whatsapp there

6.Tap and Hold on Whatsapp (Or click on it and swipe to right) The following window will pop up

7.Now open WhatsApp and Login to your 1st WhatsApp account (You can skip this step if you have already logged in)

Enable multiple profiles
8.Click on “Enable Multiple Profiles for this App” And Press Yes.

9.Now go to the Overview Window again and press on Data profiles and Activate 2nd Profile

10.Now open whatsapp And login to second profile


Add more data profiles to add more WhatsApp accounts

You can switch between WhatsApp accounts by activating other Data Profile or you can use the widget of Titanium Backup for easy access.


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