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How to use Cloud Download function to download files directly to your cloud storage and increase download speed – Solution for Low Download Speeds

Cloud Downloading basically means Downloading files to your cloud storage. For example, if you want to download a file and you have not enough space left in your storage, you can use Cloud Download function and download that to your device later. There are many cloud storage providers out there like Dropbox, Drive, Box etc. You can use Cloud Download with any of these


1. Puffin Browser Pro ( Get it from Here for free)
2. A cloud account
3. Cloud Storage app

Here are the Steps to download to cloud and then From cloud

1. First Open Puffin and Go to the download link
2. Click Download Button
3. Select Save file Location as Drive

4. Now you will be asked to authenticate with your Google account – Do it
5. Puffin browser will start downloading to your cloud storage. You can see the progress in the notification bar

6. After downloading Open Drive Apk and Login if you haven’t
7. Go to Puffin Browser folder
8. There you will see your file. Press download to download that file to your phone directly with super Speed of Google Drive


Know your Limits :
1. You can only Download maximum of 1 GB file at a Time

Here’s is an Alternative for Puffin Browser


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