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Remember the time when we introduced our first trick to use Facebook Messaging in official app?

Here’s a new method to do just that!

With this, you can do whatever your Facebook app. Plus message your loved ones in Inbuilt messaging. Say goodbye to Messenger


1.Uninstall your old Facebook app

2. Download and install moded Facebook Apk and Start messaging 

Apk Version :

[button-blue url=”https://archive.org/download/TruecallerPremium7.51Droidpirates.com/fb97. ” target=”_self” position=”left”]Download Apk[/button-blue]

Note : Works with Arm Devices on 4.0+ Only 

awScreenshot_2016-09-06-20-15-27-picsayIf you face any installation problems, This app was not made for your phone 



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