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Yes.Get your own US number and use it as your whatsapp number !
Are you bored with Indian number in whatsapp?
Lets change indian number (Or any other) in to US Number.
For that follow the steps
1.Download Voxox app from Playstore
2.Register on voxox using your email id and Mobile number
3.After registering you can see a Voxox number which is US based (+1)
4.Open whatsapp-settings-account-change number
5.First enter your whatsapp number And in the place of new number enter the Voxox number which you will got after register in voxox
6.Wait for the verification msg failed msg..(4:30 sec.)
7.Whatsapp ask you to enter a confirmation code.
8.Open your email. You can see confirmation code. Paste it or type it in whatsapp
Enjoy your US number 🙂

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