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Video Downloader for Facebook Pro
You should login to your facebook account using our app and browse your pages normally. Once you like a video and wanted to play it offline at future, then Video Downloader for Facebook comes to help you in downloading and saving the video in your mobile.
The Video Downloader for Facebook provides an awsome UI to view downloaded video and select your favorites among them. You can open the list to play and manage video files. If you liked a video just mark it with the heart button as favorite. and if your storage is full you can delete the unwanted video files from inside the app.
The videos are stored in your root path in folder “fbdownloader”.
Browse Facebook page like original Facebook app.
#Download videos from any page, even the pages that are not liked by you.
#Play video offline using Video downloader for Facebook.
#Download video in background.
#Favorite list.
#Download list.
#Delete unwanted video files to manage and free your storage.
Solving Video Problem (Can’t Play).If you found this message (Can’t Play this video) ignore it and download the video from the top of screen. It will play after download.The problem of (Can’t Play video) appears in most popular video players.
Click here to download Apk
Tip: Share video to your Time line fo easy access

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