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Everyone is going crazy about Pokémon GO so i thought i should provide some Intel about the upcoming features


#1) Bulk-selecting pokémon

I can‘t be (he only one tired of wasting time transferring hordes of Pidgeys and rattatas. Instead, we should be able to tap and hold a Pokemon to enter “selection made”, and select Pokémon The same way we select multiple photos in our phone galleries.


#2) Pokemon tracking

The game previously had poorly implemented Pokemon tracking, which caused too much server strain.They should just enable client-sided tracking on the folowing way:

When nearby Pokémon updates, the server sends their positions (but does not Show them on the map).Then you can select a pokémon in the nearby list, and see an arrow pointing in that Pokémon’s general direction, all handled by your own phone.


#3) Fix unoccupied gyms

There’s nothing more annoying than beating on enemy gym, only to have the some team take over the same gym again, I met some kids spamming the gym with new Pokémon Every time I beat them, and 1 wanted to punch them in their tiny little faces. But instead, I thought how good it would be if the gyms had a 60 second cool down after it becomes unoccupied. During this cool down, only those who participated in the final winning battle should be able to interact with the gym. This way those who earned the gym have priority over it, and also get some time to heal up.


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