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Hi guys,
WhatsApp has been developed from the early days using open source software. WhatsApp engineers use, contribute to and release a lot of open source software
ok guys whatsApp become so popular now we find a method to Hack it..
For hacking Such a Social App you have to be Smart..
let’s start
[for users  Outside India Add Binary of your number]
Indian Mobile numbers have 10 digits with AB-XYZ-OOOOO format where AB- the access code, XYZ- MSC Code and OOOOO is the subscriber number. First five digits are allotted time to time by DoT to all mobile operators. Generally a set of 10 MSC codes are allotted to a mobile operator hence first four digits of the mobile number become sufficient to identify the mobile operator and circle.Now we have to spoof our number with the Target Mobile Number.
Note down the simple code Coversion
if you know the Binary conversion it will be easy
0     0 0 0 0
1     0 0 0 1
2     0 0 1 0
3     0 0 1 1
4     0 1 0 0
5     0 1 0 1
6     0 1 1 0
7     0 1 1 1
8     1 0 0 0
9     1 0 0 1
You Must convert Your mobile number and targets mobile number to binary
919999999999 = 1 0 0 10 0 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 11 0 0 1
Now the encription
Encryption is the transformation of data into a form unreadable by anyone without a secret decryption key. Its purpose is to ensure privacy by keeping the information hidden from anyone for whom it is not intended, even those who can see the encrypted data. For example, one may wish to encrypt files on a hard disk to prevent an intruder from reading them
whatsApp using cryptography
  A disadvantage of using public-key cryptography for encryption is speed: there are popular secret-key encryption methods which are significantly faster than any currently available public-key encryption method. But public-key cryptography can share the burden with secret-key cryptography to get the best of both worlds.
For encryption, the best solution is to combine public- and secret-key systems in order to get both the security advantages of public-key systems and the speed advantages of secret-key systems. The public-key system can be used to encrypt a secret key which is then used to encrypt the bulk of a file or message
We have to exploit this security hole in whatApp
things you need
#[Android Phone]
#WhatsApp Messenger (Not whatsapp +)
#Clean Master 
[Windows Phone] WhatsApp Messenger [any version] *****************************
For Admin Hack Of a Group 
Send this Message to group
cng=true?=[target mobile number in binary]![your mobile number]&findchache.mnc.id=[802]ste5%Set.content?/rfd=gv<rf@5%set+mnc=tag?”
after this Uninstall WhatsApp from Your phone And Reinstall it .
For android phones clean the cache using clean master.
You will be the admin of the new group
To Get Messages Sent To your target  in your Phone Also
Change your User Name to testuserid#”
set a complete blue picture ass your pic 
delete all previous chat history
now send this message excatly to the target
dip.g?=testuserid#?[target mobile number in binary]xps:biu.clone.8.22.14set=tpass=[your mobile  number]?include=true?/=1mtnl.loc=true.sh
If you get this Replay
testuserid#?[target mobile number in binary]=1?”
testuserid#?[your mobile  number]=1″
that’s all You get a copy of each message send to your Target
Thanks to cybroze for the trick
Note  : I wont be held responsible for your actions. Use at your own risk.!Contests provided for Educational purposes only The possibility is 70-30 .Nothing isperfect 

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